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Preparing For Surgery

Having an operation is a major event in most people's lives. Good information and pre-planning, make it much less stressful.

If you have private insurance, your surgery will take place at:

Greenslopes Private Hospital

Newdegate Street
Greenslopes Q 4120

07 3394 7744 (admissions)
       07 3394 7111 (switch board)

We will book your operation and ask you to sign a consent form. If you are having major surgery such as a liver or pancreas resection, you may be admitted to hospital the day before. Otherwise, you will come in on the morning of surgery. We may arrange a number of pre-operative tests before you come into the hospital. Please see our Pre-operative tests page for detailed explanation of these tests.

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Coming into Hosptial

Greenslopes Hospital will contact you by telephone the day before your admission and let you know what to do and what to bring to the hospital.

Income Protection Insurance and Centrelink

If you have income protection insurance, start doing the claim paperwork before the operation. Centrelink claims can take many weeks to process. It is difficult to recover well when you are worried about finances. Before any major surgery it is wise to get your affairs in order including an Advance Health Directive, Will and Power of Attorney. Talk to your employer and let them know that you may be away from work for many months.

Queensland Cancer Council

Call the Queensland Cancer Council 13 11 20 as they have a number of general support financial assistance programs in place if needed.


This is the time to rely on family and friends for support. If you receive offers of home cooked meals and household help, you should accept them happily. That way, you can concentrate on getting better. It is a good idea to bring your family to any consultations you attend as it is often difficult for patient's to remember things at this emotional time.


If you are a public patient, your surgery will take place at:

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Ipswich Road
Woolloongabba Q 4102

Ph: 07 3240 2111

The pre-admission staff wil tell you about the admissions process when you are booked for surgery.

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